Thinking about porting to FNB Connect mobile

FNB launched their own MVNO on the Cell C network 3 months ago. I’ve been watching the developments out of the corner of my eye, mainly because my contract with Vodacom is up in 2 months, and also because there haven’t been many developments, really.

People complain a lot about Cell C’s service, but for the 6 months I was with them in 2013 (after finally porting away from Vodacom after 10 years), and before I ported back to Vodacom to get my phone, I had no problems with signal. The prepaid prices were excellent.

FNB Connect Mobile is enticing me because as I’ve mentioned before, I am so over phones. I want to get out of this trap. I have wifi at home and at work, so I only need data for the rare occasions that I am out and about in the City. Even then, I’m most likely with the SO, so I’m not busy on my phone, except to check Whatsapp messages from the family.

Since I’m now at eBucks Level 5 (the view from the top is sweeeeeeeeet), I’ve been enjoying the 15% back in eBucks on prepaid airtime that I buy for the SO. Since his philosophy about phones is identical to mine, I’ve calculated the optimum amount of airtime he needs is R50 per month. Currently on Vodacom, R29 is used for a 30 day 100MB bundle, with the rest of the airtime kept for calls if needed. Most months there is a carry-over of the airtime anyway.

Each prepaid transaction carries a fee of R2.20 if purchased with the credit card. Since all of my monthly spend has to be on the credit card if I want to keep those 4000 reward points, buying the R50 in one transaction at the start of the month makes sense because I get back R7.50 in eBucks on that. If I subtract the R2.20 fee, I’m still ahead R5.30 in eBucks.

Once Vodacom has received my last ransom payment of R438.50, I’m converting to prepaid and porting to FNB Connect, along with the SO. I’ll still be buying R50 a month in airtime, except now I will be getting 40% of my airtime spend back in eBucks.

It’s just a pity that when I popped into a dotFNB the other day, the consultant warned me of issues multiple clients had with porting to the network (one woman’s number apparently took a week to port). I thought that these types of issues would have been sorted out, now that the system has been in operation for 3 months.

He also asked me if I was aware that they use the Cell C network. I had to reassure him that I was indeed aware of that, and I did not have a problem with that fact. I’ll be monitoring the situation for the next 2 months, but I’m pretty sure that I won’t change my mind.

2 thoughts on “Thinking about porting to FNB Connect mobile

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