Apps I can’t live without: Pushbullet

I have sung the praises of Pushbullet on here several times, so I won’t go into why I love it so much again.

I’ve also expressed my irritation with the fact that there is no official Windows Phone app for it. It’s really one of the few absent apps which bothers me. I initially used the third party app Pushpin, but consistently experienced login issues. I also never received notifications, and the app would crash constantly.

I was so desperate after Pushpin that I joined the beta for Bullet Bill, which went on to become Pushile. A suggestion I made was incorporated into the app in just over a week, which was an excellent response time from the developer. I used Pushile for the last year, enjoying the improvements after each update.

The only issue I really had with Pushile was that the notifications are spotty at best. App notifications on Windows Phone don’t work when battery saver is on, but most of the time I still wouldn’t get push notifications on the phone even when battery saver was off. This had shown signs of improvement in the last 3 months, but I was open to alternatives.

Last week, Windows Central published an article about Instabullet. I had never heard of the app, so I quickly installed it on Astro and my phone.

My main gripe with Pushbullet on the tablet is that I would have to leave Tablet Mode to open the win32 Pushbullet beta app, then copy my link into a new push from there. I could just install Chrome on the tablet and use the extension as I do on my work laptop, but I do like to make things difficult for myself, and I am trying to show support for Microsoft Edge.

I wanted to be able to share to Pushbullet using the Share picker on Windows. I assumed that because Instabullet is a Modern app, it would show up in the Share list. It did not. Thankfully, this seemed to be a minor issue, because the dev fixed it.

I cannot say the same thing for the phone app. Not receiving notifications through Pushile was never a dealbreaker for me because I only read the pushes on the computer or tablet. I needed it on the phone so I could send pushes. Having Pushile appear under Social Networks through the Share picker on the phone was ideal. Instabullet does not appear there, so I’m going to have to make a request or something.

Other than that, Instabullet has made my Pushbullet experience on the tablet much better. I also have no problem with its notifications on the phone (in fact, some notifications even come through twice!). While an official app would be nice, it’s not as critical as it was a few months ago. Either way, if Microsoft ever decides to release OneClip, I will be switching to that anyway. Pushbullet showed me what I needed, now I just need something similar which suits my chosen way of life.

3 thoughts on “Apps I can’t live without: Pushbullet

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