Apps I’ve given up on: OneDrive for Business

It was only a week ago that I first posted about the rough time I was having getting OneDrive for Business and OneDrive to work on the same computer. I ended up removing OneDrive completely and changing my files in the webapp instead, so that I could have 1DfB sync my work files.

It turns out that was the wrong move. I was unaware of the 20 000 file limit on 1DfB. For reference, I have 21GB of data in my Asset Management GIS data folder, but over 50 000 files, because GIS does like to create many, many files.

It’s laughable really. I had everything synced perfectly with my personal OneDrive, and was simply trying to do the right thing by moving my work files to my Business account.

The cherry on top is that because I installed the app as part of the Office 365 bundle, I can’t uninstall it. I have to “permanently stop syncing” the folder, remove the Explorer shortcuts and delete the files manually.

I have also since discovered that I cannot reinstall OneDrive. There seems to be a group policy or something in effect, because my colleague can no longer install it either, and he did not have it on his computer before. So now I have a laptop full of data and scripts, not being synced to anywhere.

2 thoughts on “Apps I’ve given up on: OneDrive for Business

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