Linkin Park ♥

I love Linkin Park. I got into rock music when I was about 13 because of (duh) a boy. Before that I was all this:

and then I was all this:

which prepared me for this:

A friend gave me Hybrid Theory and Meteora on one CD (it was 2003 ok). I played that CD in my portable CD player (still 2003 people) so much that it developed scratches.

I counted down until Minutes to Midnight came out, was nicely surprised with the different feel of A Thousand Suns, was glad they went back to basics with Living Things and was mildly irritated with The Hunting Party.

I always said that if they came to South Africa I would go. Unfortunately when they played Cape Town Stadium in 2012, I had no one to go with. Hmph.

Every exam I’ve studied for since Grade 9 has been set to a Linkin Park soundtrack. I don’t think it’s possible for me to study without it. Yes, that has caused some incidents where during the exam I would remember the lyrics of the song that was playing when I was studying a section, but not the actual work. Fortunately, those incidents were rare.

I had a poster of them from a 2003 Free4All up on my wall for 10 years – all through high school, university, even after I came home. What I’m trying to say is, I love Linkin Park.

I guess they are to me what the BeeGees are to my parents. Although I love the BeeGees also.


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