Apps I’ve given up on: MyStudyLife Edition

I started using MyStudyLife over a year ago, to keep track of my MOOC assignments. It was also preparation for my studies again.

I would have loved this app, had I still been at university and attending classes and such. I tried to make it work by adding all my MOOC assignments, adding reminders and so forth, but the effort required to open the web app and do all of that, without calendar integration with Outlook was such a pain.

I really did want to love it – the Windows app matched the Android one while sticking to Windows design principles, and I’m all for supporting a developer who actually cares about Windows Phone – but I just ended up scheduling my tasks on my Calendar again anyway, so that I could actually get a proper reminder.

So, I’ve officially given up on it, in keeping with my current strategy of going standard.


One thought on “Apps I’ve given up on: MyStudyLife Edition

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