This is the one: Cloud storage edition (decision)

I know what you're thinking
I started out with 7gb of SkyDrive when I made my first foray into the digital ecosystem. As mentioned in that post, I did not want to go the Dropbox route, and with only 2GB of free storage (still!), it didn’t seem worth it. I had to get a Dropbox account for work, but that’s about it.

I also couldn’t think at the time, what I would possibly want to store online. A colleague and I tested out Cubby when it launched. During the beta, we got 100GB of cloud storage, and intriguingly, the ability to sync unlimited files directly between computers through a LAN, or through normal internet. They took that option away from the free version though, so that was short-lived.

A while later, box offered free 50gb accounts to anyone who wanted it. Still unsure about what I would do with it, I grabbed two natch. I’ve got them on ice for now.

I checked out BitTorrent Sync while it was in alpha, when I was toying around with the idea of a personal cloud. I liked the multiple platform support it provided, strong security and unlimited syncing, but my home server was not set up at the time.

When Copy emerged onto the scene last year, I grabbed an account, since it was basically a habit by this point. That account is on ice for now as well.

So what did I end up choosing? After Microsoft bumped up the free storage on OneDrive to 15GB, and I scored another 15GB for being a Windows Phone user, then that 15GB expired, but then I got another 15GB for temporarily activating my camera roll upload feature, I now sit with a permanent 30GB of free OneDrive storage. With that account being accessible natively across all my devices, it was another no-brainer. In the last 2 weeks, my decision has proven to have been the right one, but more on that later.

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