Microsoft keeps removing features which made Windows Phone different

The other day, I read a lengthy article by Paul Thurrott about how Microsoft is taking away everything that made Windows Phone different. Everything that made it special.

Features which made it stand out from the crowd, like tile based design, Live Tiles, integrated social networking (not that I cared about that), native Office, Hubs etc. Under Nadella’s rule, while many things have changed for the better, this I count as something which is changing for the worse.

Today, I get an email from Microsoft. They are dropping support for Rooms on Windows Phone. A Room was basically a native messaging app for Windows Phone Users. I set up a Room for the SO and I to chat, keep a single shared notebook, share photos and a shared calendar. It’s faster than Whatsapp, syncs with our MS accounts and allows me to do voice to text over the Bella‘s bluetooth.

So from March, we will still be able to access the Notebook, calendar etc, but we will no longer be able to send chat messsages. Windows 10 for Phone will introduce a new chat system.


Now, I’m not one who dislikes technological change, but this, I may take a while to get over.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft keeps removing features which made Windows Phone different

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