How my path found me

I had always been intrigued by the idea of computer programming, but had no idea what it meant. When I was in matric, and my geography teacher asked me what I was going to study the following year, I actually had no clue. He immediately suggested I study geography, which I had not even considered because though I enjoyed the subject immensely, it never felt challenging to me. Nevertheless, I got accepted to EGS at UCT in March and thought that was that.

It was only in July when my parents realised that they would actually need to pay for my studies somehow, and UCT was not offering me a bursary despite my marks. I did get offered a company bursary from America, which I was told to turn down because I was required to stay in res for first year (even though I live 15 mins from UCT). I then got the bursary to study at Stellenbosch, where I stayed in res for 4 years (lol!).

So it was at the aptitude test for the Stellenbosch bursary that I had to write down my intended degree, if I were to get the bursary. Having never even considered Stellenbosch as an option, I quickly skimmed through the prospectus, looking for something similar to EGS. There were two geography options in the Science Faculty. The first was Applied Earth Science, so when I saw that meant geology, I quickly jumped to the next one: Applied Geoinformatics. I didn’t know what that meant (something with geography and information?) but the subject offering looked nice – Maths, Computer Science, Geography etc. I wrote it down.

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