This is the one: Smartphone edition (decision)

Yesterday I sat down for my first livestream ever (I know…) – the Nokia Zoom event in New York. I had to work through an entire day since we’re 6 hours ahead, but at 5pm I was ready. And man, it was worth the wait.

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is amazeballs. It’s awesome sauce. It’s the bees knees. The last phone I felt this way about was my own N8. It is truly the phone that I have been waiting for, a worthy successor to the N8 and the 808 Pureview.

Aaaaaaaaand then Stephen Douchebag Elop put his foot in it when a South African journalist (with the most South African accent I have ever heard) asked him about how the 1020 will be marketed in traditional Nokia strongholds like Africa. D-bag waffled on a bit, but when he said something along the lines of “elements of features in the flagship phone will filter down to lower priced phones in emerging markets”, my vision changed from yellow-tinted to raging red.

Really, Nokia? Seriously? You so desperate to get America back, like they the only ones that matter? When you have a strong fanbase in Africa, parts of Asia and the Middle East who refuse to give up on you? We don’t deserve the best cameraphone in the world because we’re Africans? Is that it?

No, I don’t blame Nokia. I’m blaming Elop. By doing this, he has indicated that he does not care about the business his company receives from Africa. I have waited and waited and waited for this phone, held onto my N8 even though Symbian is sucking the life from me everyday, because I can’t go back to a normal smartphone, I need to have an awesome camera in it. To be told now that SA is probably not going to get the phone, or if we do, definitely not now and probably in some watered down form? It’s enough to drive me to Android.

Haha not really. I’ll probably get the Lumia 925 now, because at least it has a metal body like my N8 and the PureView enabled camera. BUT STILL.


6 thoughts on “This is the one: Smartphone edition (decision)

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